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Zeesweet Ltd is a New Zealand based company that represents Zaiger's Inc. Genetics. Zaiger’s is a family owned breeding organisation that was founded in Modesto by Floyd Zaiger and his wife in 1958.

They have achieved global prominence for their robust fruit and rootstock breeding program.

Since the introduction of the Pluot® and Aprium® and interspecific plums, they continue to maintain a lead position in the world for development of interspecific's, introducing new combinations such as Peacotum™ (peach/apricot/plum hybrid).

Zaiger’s Inc. Genetics varieties have been instrumental in the development and sustainabilityof the Summerfruit Industry in New Zealand, with many of their varieties now filling the retail shelves.

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ZeesweetZeesweet Ltd
P.O. Box 446 Hastings New Zealand
Phone: ++64-6-8700-826
Fax: ++64-6-8700-372

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